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The FCT EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCY has kick started the commemoration of the 2023 IDDRR with sensitization activities spread across the six area Councils in the FCT.

The event began Wednesday as the Director, Forecasting, Response and Mitigation, Lady Florence Dawon Wenegieme along with her team visited Abaji Area Council with the message of disaster risk reduction.

Speaking at the Ona of Abaji palace, Mrs. Wenegieme itirated the importance of identifying vulnerabilities within the area council and taking practicable measures to reduce the risks involved, empahsisizing the need to include the most vulnerables in the society in emergency preparedness.

“You should identify the common hazards that you have within your environment, because it is from hazard that disasters occur. If you have identified that within a community, you are always affected by flash flooding, incissent fire outbreaks, building collapse, road accidents and epidemic outbreaks, these are parts of the hazards we are talking about, if we can not stop them, we must reduce the impact they can have on our communities”.

She stressed the need for the community leaders who are vital stakeholders in emergency management to be ‘all inclusive’ during every emergency interventions.

“This year’s IDDRR is talking about disaster risk reduction with all inclusiveness for a resilient future. All inclusiveness in the sense that women and children, people living with disabilities, and students should not be left out, an all inclusive program is what the United Nations General Assembly has called us to create awareness on this year”.

She went further to inform that there are avoidable disasters that when nipped in the bud, the possibility of a disaster will be eliminated.

“We have disasters that are called avoidable disasters, avoidable disasters are the ones you can prevent, if you know that a building is on water way, the best thing to do is to relocate and convert that for agricultural use, if drainages are blocked, they should be cleaned up to make way for easy water flow, houses should be properly wired to avoid fire incidences and illegal connects shoild be discouraged by all means”.

The Director went ahead to express satisfaction that Vanguards and volunteers from the Area Council have been positively responsive to training programs set out by FEMA to equip them with necessary skills to respond to emergencies within the Area Council.

Responding to FEMA’S visit, the Executive Secretary, Abdulrahman Ndage who represented the Chairman of the Area Council, assured FEMA of putting every mechanisms in place to support the agency in reducing disaster risk to the barest minimum.

In His words, “I want to assure that with this, we will hasten to put the Local Emergency Management Committee in place to complement your efforts, and we will bring your Vanguards and volunteers closer to us and seek for their advices since they have been trained and are close to us. We will bring the committee to your office for inauguration”.

The Ona of Abaji, Hon. Alh. Dr. Adamu Yinusa CON in his remarks complemented the impact of such sensitization on his people, however, he requested that FEMA bring their outposts within reach to all the Area Council.

Danson Magaji

Information Officer (FEMA)

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