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The need for disaster preparedness plan is self-evident. National and international experience mostly indicates that where plans did not exist or planning was-inadequate, the ill effects of disasters have been worse than would have otherwise been the case.

While it is not possible to prevent the occurrence of disasters, it is certainly possible to reduce the resultant disastrous effects through preemptive risk assessment, adequate preparedness and timely action.

This is the duty the FRM team is tasked with, the effectiveness of timely action is greatly enhanced not just through accurate forecasts and prompt warnings, but swift responsive action to reduce the impact of these incidents when they eventually hit.

The FRM team consists of a pre-warning servicing system, an information system of disaster reduction, a synthetic database, disaster forecast and assessment, countermeasures for disaster impact reduction.

Herein lies the importance and significance of forecasts and warnings of disasters. However, it is to be noted that forecasting and warning are possible only for those disasters, which have some inherent predictability.

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