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As part of its proactive measures aimed at reducing disasters to the bearest minimum around the FCT, the FCT Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), have stressed the need for inclusiveness in Disaster Risk Reduction in the Territory.

The the Director, Forcasting, Response and mitigation(FRM) Mrs. Florence Wenegieme said this after a week-long sensitization campaign in all the area councils to commemorate the 2023 International Day of Risk Reduction(IDDRR)

Mrs. Wenegieme stressed that inclusive approach to Disaster Managment was in line with this years IDDRR theme’Fighting inequality for resilient future for all’, noting that this years theme emphasises on the need to carry every one along in any case of emergency.

According to her”when emergencies occur, people tend to care about themselves only, but this has to change, we have to look out for each other especially the elderly, the children, pregnant women, the blind, and other vulnerable people around us”

She added that previously, themes for the IDDRR use to focus on economic or governmental approach to reducing risk, but this years theme focuses on ‘us’ to know hazards around us for prevention.

She riterated the need for residents to identify hazards that are peculiar around their environment’ it is the these hazards that eventually leads to disasters, if you can not prevent it, you can mitigate it for less negative impact on the communities’. She stressed.

Mrs. Wenegieme emphasized the importance of grassroot participation as key to diasater risk reduction, ‘this is why the Area Councils are good platforms to mobilize represantatives of various districts, religious leaders, youths leaders, women leaders for us to sensitize, who will inturn take the message home, thereby creating high level awareness and establishing the consciousness of risk reduction and mitigation.

She then called on the various representatives and leaders to charge their wards to desist from unwholsome practices that could lead to disasters for the safety of all, adding that the sensitisation was a call for conscious renewed commitment by all FCT residents as major stakeholders in disaster prevention, to take personal responsibily of their environment for a safe FCT.

She further informed that as part of FEMA’s strategic measures to ensure safety of lives and properties around the FCT, it has over the years trained its ambassordors( FEMA Vangauds, Volunteers, Divers and Emergency marshals) on mordern techniques in emergency as its first responders across these communities of the area Councils, ‘these structure put in place significantly reduces emergency intervention efforts. She added’.

She then called on all hands to be deck to reduce disasters to the bearest minimum in the FCT, and call the 112 emergency toll free number for prompt response.

The Area Councils and their various representatives appreciated the safety sensitization message brought their way and promised to drive the message home through proper channels of communication to continue to stay safe.

It will be recalled that the IDDRR day is celebrated 13th October of every year, set aside by the United Nations General Assembly to educate people on Risk Reduction around the World.

Ngaha Faustina

Information Officer

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